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released December 20, 2011



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DEGENERATE Dallas, Texas

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Track Name: Ender
Last chance to breathe easily in a false peace. To live another day in your realm of self defeat. Walk high, Keep looking down at me. I'll watch your grin become your grim reality. I forgot I live and die in sympathy to the thought of helping you rot in self-induced disease. So don't blame me for the problems you'll see when you fall behind. You won't see my hands come to help the demands you attempt to hide.
I’ll point out your flaws. Let me step on your thoughts. Stand a minute in my world, and you'd be lost. I'm willing to sink to get what in need, 'cause the malice in me in not bound to ever leave. Feel free to open the eyes that haven't seen. I've got the answers right here, to the absolute that you supersede. But until you digress to such a disgrace like me, I've only got the means to end your dreams.
Track Name: Degenerate
Share your disgust of me because I’m off track, must be above me because my heart’s black. But the reality is that your peace falls beneath your own broken path. So try to push me out and try to drag me down as if I’m just another one to forget. I’ll keep running in our world that rejects. I’ll be the scum that you will never accept. ‘Cause I live with a purpose, to the masses I’m hopeless. I’m not here to sweat your differences or lift you up when the ground crumbles under your feet. I’ll tear down the pillars you stand on and be the cause of your fall to the street. And there you’ll walk among our living dead with your fuckin’ mouth wide open. Yet for everything that’s been said no truth has been spoken. ‘Cause I live with a purpose, I guess I’m hopeless. Go ahead and think of me as inconsiderate. Well I was born to be a low life. I’m just a degenerate. Say what you want to me. Think what you want to think. Just call it like you see. ‘Cause I’ll forever be (degenerate).